New Arrival – Crep Protect x New Era Headwear Protection Spray


Brand new to Zimzilla and brand new to the public, the latest product from Crep Protect is a collaboration with headwear giant New Era. In its first venture beyond footwear, Crep Protect has developed a unique formula for New Era fans that provides an invisible breathable barrier to protect New Era headwear from liquids and stains without altering its appearance, texture or performance. Applied correctly, the New Era x Crep Protect spray is able to repel most stains and prevents any permanent damage by forcing liquids to bead up and remain on the surface of the material instead of soaking in. As with the footwear spray, this spray is the real deal. You wont be let down. Buy it here.

crep_protect_x_new_era_product_web_images_0004_layer_1 crep_protect_x_new_era_product_web_images_0002_layer_3 crep_protect_x_new_era_product_web_images_0001_layer_4 crep_protect_x_new_era_product_web_images_0000_layer_5

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