The Yeezus Tee


Speaking of Kanye West T-Shirts , one of our favourite brands here at Zimzilla, Limos & Liquor have teamed up with world renowned, urban artist, Will Prince for what is one of the coolest T-Shirts we have yet to sell. The Yeezus Tee. The tee oozes class and featuring Jesus holding what is a Kanye

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Kanye Wests $120 T-Shirt

Kanye West $120 T-Shirt

Didn’t think our first blog entry was going to be regarding Kanye West , but what can you do. This was pretty relevant. I saw on a website today that a $120 plain white T-shirt designed by Kanye West (with French design house A.P.C) sold out instantly. This T-Shirt must have been very special right?

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Welcome to Zimzilla

Zimzilla | Welcome

Welcome to Zimzilla. We are very happy you found us. If you haven’t, hopefully you will soon. We are a new premium and independent streetwear website based in Essex stocking some of the finest brands from around the world. Over the last few weeks, we have been working very hard finishing up the website (Big

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